Morocco hold on, in medal hunt

Morocco managed to resist Greece’s pressure in the last period, winning 5-4 in the best match so far in the tournament, sealing a place in the bronze medal final, where they will face France tomorrow (Saturday, August 31).

In a tough match with intensity and passion Greece led 4-3, but the Africans overturned the situation and took the lead 5-4.

After Rabi ABOUTALBI (MOR) was sent off, there was new interest in the game, putting the hosts back in the game. The Greek team pressed hard but failed to equalize.

For Morocco, two goals were scored by Azzeddine EL HAMIDY, Nassim ELHADAOUI and one by Miloud ENNAKHLI. The goals for Greece were scored by Michalis KAFANTARIS, George KARAKASSIS, Andreas KATSOULIS, Leonidas KONSTANTAKIS.

Score per period: 1-1, 2-2, 1-2.

Tomorrow’s program:


Syria – Albania (10:15)


Greece – Libya (10:15)


France – Morocco (11:45)


Italy – Portugal (13:15)

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