The host country Italy was the leading force in the 1st Mediterranean Beach Games, winning a total of 70 medals, 33 gold, 23 silver and 14 bronze. France was second with 13 gold, 5 silver and 9 bronze, (27), while Greece won a total of 19 medals (4 gold, 7 silver, 8 bronze) and finished 3rd in the overall table.

In detail, Greece won a gold medal in Beach Wrestling with Apostolos Taskoudis (70kg) and Agora Papavassiliou (70kg), and in finswimming with Christos Christopoulos (200m SF) and Sofia Ktena (50m AP). Silver medals were won by the Women’s National Beach Handball team, Timofei Xentis (90kg), Michael Tsikovanis (90+), Katerina Pitsiava (70+) in beach wrestling and Sofia Ktena (100m SF) and Alexandra Nisioti (200m). 400m SF) in finswimming, as well as in the team event (C4x +) rowing. Bronze medals were won in beach wrestling by Christos Navroszidis (70kg), George Koulouchidis (80kg), in finswimming by Loukas Karetzopoulos (50m SF) and Alexandra Nisioti (200m SF), in open sea swimming by George Arniakis (5km), in water-skiing by Nikos Plitas (tricks), Natalia Paschou (tricks) and Marie Vibranietova (board).

In addition, Deniz Dimaki finished 7th in the aquathlon, in handball the men finished 4th, the women finished 7th in beach volleyball, and our country played a major role in beach wrestling. Kyrilos Winebraum was 7th in the 80kg, Elias Bouki 7th in the 90kg, Aris Theodoroudis 6th in the +90kg and Virginia Tsaknaki 4th place in the 60kg.

In open sea swimming, Christos Karatasos finished 6th, Filio Rautopoulou 6th and Greece finished in 4th place. In the rowing, Paschalis Constantas was 5th, while in the doubles, our country was 4th in men and women. In water skiing (board), Nikos Plytas was 6th, Natalia Paschou (slalom) 6th, Alexandra Paschou (4th tricks). In detail, the countries and athletes that finished in the top three in all competitions are as follows: