Men’s Βeach Volleyball: ”Allez les Bleus” in double

France’s first team with Olivier BARTHELEMY and Arnaud LOISEAU confirmed the odds and won the gold medal in the Men’s Beach Volleyball Tournament.

BARTHELEMY and LOISEAU defeated their compatriots Timothee PLATER and Jeremy SILVESTRE  2-0 (21-17, 21-18) in the French “civil” encounter that was attended by 1,500 spectators at the C5 arena of the Artemis venue.

The two teams from France played freely in the service, made a few errors and entertained the fans who applauded them.

In the first set the two teams were level at 15-15 but the first team of France with 3 consecutive points, made the score 20-16 and finally won 21-17.

The course of events in the second set was similar.  Scores were level at 16-16, BARTHELEMY, LOISEAU made it 19-16 and won 21-18.

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