The Organizing Committee of the II Mediterranean Beach Games was first established on 23 February 2018 and the decision was published in the Government Gazette on 12 March 2018 under OGG 857. As stated in the Government Gazette of 12 March 2018: “The Committee’s work is the preparation of an organizational plan of action in order to secure the best preparation and organization of the Mediterranean Beach Games in Patras in 2019.”

On August 21, 2018, with OGG 3536, the following additions were made: “The management bodies of the Organizing Committee are its President, the Executive Committee and the General Assembly of its members. The President of the Organizing Committee is in charge of administration and represents the Committee judicial and out-of-court both in Greece and abroad. He also assembles the members of the General Assembly that are determined by the General Assembly. of the members of the Organizing Committee. The Vice-President shall replace the President when he is absent or prevented. The Executive Committee shall consist of three members and shall consist of the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary of the Organizing Committee.”

According to the appointment decision issued by Government Gazette No. 3059 on July 30, 2019, the Organizing Committee of the II Mediterranean Beach Games Patras 2019 consists of 13 members:

President: Papadimatos Nikolaos

Vise-President: Douros Theodoros

General Secretary: Rodis Georgios

Members: Mazarakis Andreas, Zisimatos Georgios, Asimakopoulos Aristidis, Dalainas Ilias, Kouretas Mixail, Petropoulos Panagiotis, Karpetas Konstantinos, Karampetsos Georgios, Pistiolas Konstantinos and Georgopoulos Konstantinos


General Director

Project Team Coordinator

Venue & Sports Director

Site Manager VOP Manager

Sports Director /SPT Director

Marketing Director

Accommodation Director

Volunteering Director

Press & Office Services Director

Brand, Identity & Look of the Games Director

Accreditation Director

Technology Director

Security Director 

Protocol Director

Food Services Director

Medical Services Director

Human Resources Director

Cultural Actions Director

Transport Director

Director of NOC Relations and Services