Journalism Students, Press Volunteers: A Landmark in their Career

The team of journalism students and young journalists that worked as volunteers in the Press Services department in the “Artemis” Venue offered invaluable services to the organization of the II Mediterranean Beach Games and gained important experience from a major international event. 

They were the people that were giving their best every day to keep everyone satisfied: journalists conering the Games, as well as the Press Office.

They are students from Panteion University of Athens, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece and other state and private schools, but also young journalists. They declared themselves volunteers to the II Mediterranean Games for just one reason: their love for journalism.

Katerina ALEXOPOULOU, Grigoris KOUVERIANOS, Marilena NISOTAKI, Nikolina PAPALEXOPOULOU and Anastasia STAMATOPOULOU are students of the Communication, Media and Civilization School of the Panteion University.

Denisa BISTIKA is a graduate of the Informatics and Media School of the TEI of Western Greece.

Kostas IATRIDIS is a graduate of the Engineering School of Patras University and studies sports journalism in the Center for Sports Journalism in Athens.

Nikolas PAOLINOS was admitted to the Journalism and Media School of the Aristotle University just a few days ago.

Konstantina GATZOUNA has studied Civil Engineering and works for the Prss Office of the Region of Western Greece.

Diamanti GINOVEFA, MariaVasia STRAVODIMOU and Dimitris GIANNETSOS studied Sports Journalism in the state Professional Education Institute of Patras.

And Giorgos AVGEROPOULOS, a former sports journalist, had the opportunity to live again the experience and tension of a major sports event.

All volunteers have managed to fulfil the Games’ high requirements, and they all agreed that the II Mediterranean Beach Games will be a landmark in their careers.

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