Aquathlon. And Now MASOΟ Can Eat French Fries

Syria: A beautiful, but tormented country which proves to be full of surprises, as shown today through Mohamad MASOΟ’s triumph.

The 26-year-old athlete offered his country its first medal in the II Mediterranean Beach Games, the bronze in the Aquathlon race.

MASOO was the only athlete to share his joy to such an extent, giving hugs to everyone around him – further proving that sports bring about strong feelings and unite people.

The Syrian athlete lives in Germany and trains there following a strict schedule, and continues training as hard when in his native country, where he enjoys the company and warmth of his own people.

However, every time he is through with competition, MASOO gives to himself access to all athletes’ forbidden food: “I eat french fries and sweets, I drink chocolate milk, but I don’t forget fruit that gives me energy.”

MASOO leaves Patras in a state of enchantment. “I felt right at home here. I met kind and hospitable people, I made new friends and I want to come back as soon as possible.”

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