Beach Soccer: A Tournament With No Strong Favorite

The II Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019” Beach Soccer tournament kicks off on Wednesday, August 28th, in the “Artemis” Venue, and is expected to offer plenty of thrill to audiences. 

Beach Soccer is an impressive sport that will certainly attract good numbers of sports fans, on one hand because Soccer is the most popular sport on earth, and on the other thanks to the Patras’ tradition in the sport through the history of legendary club Panachaiki.

Eight teams will participate in the tournament: Albania, France, Italy, Libya, Moricco, Portugal, Syria, and hosts Greece.

The battle for the medals is expected to be a very close one. Italy, Portugal, France and Morocco are considered the strongest squads, while Greece and Syria the outsiders.

Portugal has been crowned World Champion twice (2001, 2015), also having three silver and five bronze medals in its collection. France topped the World Championships in 2005, and Italy has made it to the podium twice (one silver and one bronze medal).

Morocco is the Champion of Africa and a traditional soccer country. The Greek team is not included in the big forces, but there was a boost in morale after the recent capture of the gold medal in the European Division II Championships held in Catania, Italy.

“Beach Soccer may not yet be too popular in Greece, but all of us who practice it are trying hard to make it bigger, so that people come to love and embrace it,” says Dimitrios MIKELATOS, a member of the Greek team.

And he goes on, appealing to sports fans: “Take my word for it, fans that will come to the venue will enjoy a great sport and watch a highly competitive tournament, featuring very talented and skilful players.”

Defending European Champions Italy and hosts Greece were placed atop the two Groups.

Four years ago, in the I Mediterranean Games held in Pescara, hosts Italy won the gold medal. The silver medal was won by Egypt and the bronze by Libya.

The Beach Soccer tournament will come to a close on August 31st.

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