Aikaterini PITSIAVA will be the Greek flag bearer in the Closing Ceremony

Beach Wrestling gold medalist Aikaterini – Eirini PITSIAVA will be the Greek flag bearer in the II Mediterranean Games “Patras 2019” Closing Ceremony, to begin this evening at 20:30 in the “Artemis” Venue.

A short while ago, PITSIAVA, 25, won the gold medal in the Women’s 70 kg Beach Wrestling category, taking one step up from Pescara, where she had won sthe silver.

A few days before the start of the II Mediterranean Beach Games, PITSIAVA had won the gold medal in the World Championships held in Odessa, Ukraine, while her achievements also include two silver and three bronze medals in the same Championships.

Delegations from Morocco, Turkey, Malta and Egypt have already left Patras, so their flags will be carried by volunteers designated by the Organizing Committee.

Tunisia and Montenegro have yet to announce their flag bearers.

More specifically:

MONACO: Vincent FERRY (Beach Volleyball)
GREECE: Aikaterini – Eirini PITSIAVA (Beach Wrestling)
NORTH MACEDONIA: Kristian RISTESKI (Beach Volleyball)
FRANCE: Loren ΒΑRON (Finswimming)
MALTA: Liam HARRISON (Beach Handball)
PORTUGAL: Joao SARAIVA (Beach Soccer)
ALGERIA: Benzaid BILLAL (Beach Tennis)
SYRIA: Raja ALKARAD (Beach Wrestling national coach)
CYPRUS: Mαριώτα ΑΓΓΕΛΟΠΟΥΛΟΥ (Beach Volleyball)
ITALY: Silvia CICCARELLA (Open Water Swimming)
SAN MARINO: Arianna VALLONI (Open Water Swimming)
ALBANIA: Keis FETISHAJ (Finswimming)
CROATIA: Dora BASSI (Finswimming)
SLOVENIA: Katarina FABJAN (Beach Volleyball)
ANDORRA: Diego SUAREZ OSUNA (Beach Volleyball)
SERBIA: Tamara MILJEVIC (Beach Volleyball)
LIBYA: Adel ALSHAREEF (Beach Soccer)
KOSOVO: Arti KRASNIQI (Open Water Swimming)
LEBANON: Moustapha MOUNLA (Water Skiing)

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