Water Skiing-Slalom: KYPRIOS and FRANC show their (Ski)lls!

Greece and France dominated the Slalom finals on Saturday morning at Lake Stratos, close to Agrinio, winning five of the six medals awarded at the event.

In the men’s event, Filippos KYPRIOS (GRE) confirmed the odds from the preliminary rounds, although he started last in the final, he knew what was necessary to win the gold medal.

The Greek athlete scored 3 balls in 10.75, stepping on the highest step of the podium and confirming throughout the course of the race that he was the best

The silver medal was won by Italian Nicholas BENATTI (ITA) who drew with Frenchman Tanguy DAILLANG (FRA) with 2 balls at 10.75, but was better than his opponent in the qualifying round.

The hot favorite Frenchwoman Ambre FRANC (FRA) who had a ball at 11.25 dominated the women’s competition.

Camille POYLAIN-FERARIOS (FRA) and Angeliki ANDRIOPOULOU (GRE) finished second, but the Frenchwoman won the silver medal, ahead of the Greek champion, who finished in the third place.

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