Beach Soccer: The Italian “Mare Νostrum”

A cakewalk in the beginning, a stressful 3rd period and a redeeming end (with a score of 7-5). That’s how Italy were crowned champions at the Beach Soccer Tournament, like they did in Pescara 2015 and confirmed their supremacy.

Mare Nostrum (our sea), as the ancient Romans used to say in the Mediterranean!

The Azzurri showed their teeth from the very beginning, surprised the Portuguese, did not let them breathe, and showed their absolute dominance by scoring five goals (5-0).

The game seemed to have been decided, but Portugal not only did not give up, they pressed and tried to make a “come back” scoring two goals in the second period and three in the third.

The quality of the Italians was what finally gave them the gold medal in the event, with the Portuguese winning the silver.

Joao Miguel RITO CERDEIRA (POR) and Fabio SCIACCA (ITA), who scored 4 goals each, were the best players for each finalist.

Score per period: 5-0, 2-2, 0-3

PORTUGAL (Mario Narciso): Leonardo BARRAL, Ricardo DOS SANTOS BELCHIOR, Alexandre GRILO SANTOS, Rui Filipe PACHEKO, Elinton SANCHOTENE – Tiago Filipe FERNANDES, Bruno Miguel MAGALHAES, Joao Miguel RITO CERDEIRA 4, Joao VITOR TAVARES, Ruben TRINDADE, Miguel DO CARMO, Leandro BATALHA 1.

ITALY (Εmiliano DEL DUCA): Andrea CARPITA, Junior GENTILIN, Simone MARINAI 1, Dario RAMACCIOTTI, Fabio SCIACCA 4 – Pietro Angelo PALAZZOLO 1, Alessio BATTINI, Luca CHIAVARO, Alessio FRAINETTI, Emmanuele ZURLO 1, Marco GIORDANI 1.

Final standings in the Beach Soccer Tournament:

  1. Italy
  2. Portugal
  3. France
  4. Morocco
  5. Greece
  6. Libya
  7. Syria
  8. Albania

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