Nikos PAPADIMATOS: “Our Joy and Sorrow”

This is the speech given by the President of “Patras 2019” Organizing Committee, Nikos PAPADIMATOS, in the Closing Ceremony of the II Mediterranean Beach Games, held tonight at the “Artemis” Venue. 

Honorable President of the International Committee on Mediterranean Games,

Honorable members of the International Olympic Committee, the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games and the National Olympic Committee

Ladies and gentlemen

Tonight we are living in an acid state …

It is first and foremost enjoyable because a major event has been successfully completed and Patras and Greece, with the help of all of us, have made it even greater.

But it’s also sad: after a busy week, melancholy overwhelms us, because we have to throw away the curtain and say goodbye to the hope that somewhere, someday, some of our roads will be reunited.

This evening the Mediterranean sports celebration ends. Here tonight we set a dot and renew our appointment.

For a week, the vigorous sports youth of 26 Mediterranean countries, with more than 700 athletes, “fought the good fight”.

With true empathy, with a genuine athletic spirit, with power, with vision, with high expectations and with an eye on their open horizon.

From last Sunday until today we have all lived at the pace of Patreas who took us on walks by the sea, by the lake, by the pool, by the water and by the sand, in two cities, in four facilities and in ten stadiums.

All these days and nights we got out of our routine and Patras became a hub of the sporting land: the headlights dropped here and lit up our city, our homeland, the Games and the whole Mediterranean which is a very powerful reference point in planet.

Modern, special and exciting Games, great records, strenuous efforts, feelings, emotions, moments that will remain indelible in our minds and hearts and will always nourish them.

We are very sorry that the Games are over, but we are glad we did and lived up to them.

Patras won the bet. Greece has re-entered the game of big events and is looking forward with a clear look and an optimistic look.
I feel the need to thank the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games for trusting Greece and Patras, the 26 National Olympic Committees, the athletes, the coaches, the referees, the judges, the attendants.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the Greek Government for its decisive support.

I would like to make a special mention to the members of the previous Organizing Committees because their actions helped to make the II Mediterranean Coast Games Patras 2019 possible.

A special thanks to the services of the Municipality, the Greek Police, the Coast Guard, the Fire Service, the Red Cross, the sponsors and all the organizations that have contributed to the proper conduct of the Games.

Of course I would like to thank all of you, the world of Patras, for having filled the stadiums and given the intense and impressive attendance of the Games despite the difficulties.

Tonight these unforgettable Games are over and their legacy begins to run, so that we can invest in this affair, in terms of facilities, human resources, experience and know-how.

Good night, have fun at tonight’s party, and let’s hope we’ll meet again…

Safe return to their countries on foreign missions!

I have the honor to invite the President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, Mr. Amar ADDADI, to address.

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