Amar ADDADI: “Even the best things come to an end”

This is the speech given by the President of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games, “Patras 2019” Amar ADDADI, in the Closing Ceremony of the II Mediterranean Beach Games, held tonight at the “Artemis” Venue. 

Dear Greek friends,

Dear friends of the Mediterranean Sport Family,

Even best things come to an end! We are now at the end of this wonderful adventure of the 2nd Mediterranean Beach Games in Patras.

We have spent here an enjoyable stay.

The 2nd Mediterranean Beach Games are a success and we have written, together, another beautiful page of the history of the Mediterranean Games.

Our congratulations and deep recognition to all those who have contributed to deliver these Games.

Our warm thanks go to:

To the Government and its Minister for Sport, Mr. Eleftherios AVGENAKIS
The Mayor of Patras, Mr. Kostas PELETIDIS and to all members of the city council.
To the President of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, Mr. Spyros CAPRALOS and to all board members.
To the President of the Organising Committee, Mr. Nikos PAPADIMATOS and to all the staff who have done a wonderful job.
Our warm congratulations to all the athletes participating here: to those who have won and to those who have lost. Thanks to you, we had moments of intense emotion. You have achieved very good performances. Many records have been broken.

Thanks to all the coaches, officials, judges and referees, medical teams, technical delegates of the international federations. Your cooperation enhances the intensity of our Games and all of you deserve to step up on the podium.
Our recognition goes also to the Security Services, to the Civil Protection, to the Red Cross, to the Coast Guards. We have felt very secured and protected 24 hours.
Our thanks go also to the numerous national and international media who have covered very well this 2nd edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games.
Thanks to all the volunteers, you have been marvelous! Available and devoted, able and pleasant: you are a key factor to the success of the Games. We are proud of you and you are a treasure.
Thanks to the citizens of Patras, the participants of the twenty-six Mediterranean countries who have taken part in these Games are grateful for your warm welcome, friendly and generous, as the tradition goes in Greece. They will keep wonderful memories of their stay here in Patras.
We are convinced that the flame and the spirit of the Mediterranean Games that have shone in Patras will keep on shining all around the Mediterranean Basin with a real message of hope and peace.

Have a safe trip back home and good luck to all of you.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I proclaim closed the second edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games of Patras 2019 and I invite the Mediterranean Sport Family to gather at the third edition of the Mediterranean Beach Games in 2023.

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