Water Skiing-Wakeboard: Rated PG-13

Both gold medals of the Water Skiing Wakeboard event that was held today at the “Hera” Venue ended up in the hands of minors. Maxime ROUX (FRA), 15, won the Men’s event, with his compatriot  Aurélie GODET, 16, topping the Women’s category.

ROUX scored 75.0 points and was loudly applauded on his achievement. The silver medal was won by Italian Igor COLOMBO (62.11) and the bronze by Greek Tricks gold medalist Nikolaos PLYTAS.

In the Women’s event, GODET’s 48.44 points could not be matched by Italian Julia MOLINARI (44.78) or Greek Aikaterini ANDRIOPOULOU (42.89), who had to settle for silver and bronze, respectively.

Eirini ALEXANDROU (5th) and Angeliki ANDRIOPOULOU (6th) also stood out from the Greek team, and Cypriot Panagiotis ZEFKAS (5th) also delivered a good performance.

The Wakeboard event took place under ideal weather and sea water conditions, and was equally enjoyed by competitors and spectators.

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