Rowing Beach Sprint: Oars on fire!

Rowing Beach Sprint is one of the three sports opening the competition schedule of the II Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019” on Sunday, August 25th.

This will be the second Games for Greek crews, who were also present in 2015 in Pescara. The Women’s crew had won the silver medal in the Fours event, in what turned out to be a very difficult and hard-fought competition.

Two of the four Pescara silver medalists, Yiota GHEKA and Dimitra KOUKLOTIDOU, will return to the Games in Patras. There has since been no other distinction for Greece in major international competition. Nevertheless, expectations are high, as in the last years athletes and coaches have worked very hard practicing an extremely demanding sport.

Rowing Beach Sprint is also a very spectacular sport for both participants and spectators, due to its demands and high adrenaline levels, as races do not last particularly long and athletes must row in the water and sprint in the sand within a limited period of time. Weather conditions naturally also play an important part, especially with the wind sometimes requiring extra effort from competitors. In any case, the races will be very spectacular and thrilling for their audience.

The strongest and most ambitious athletes in the Patras Games come from Italy, France, and Monaco. The Rowing Beach Sprint events will also feature crews from Croatia, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, and Albania, as well as from host country Greece.

According to the weather forecast, conditions during the Games in the “Hera” Venue will be ideal for the sport.

Nikos GOUNTOULAS, Competition Manager of the sport, was absolutely positive in his comments: “It will be like heaven for our sport. There could be no better weather conditions. I am sure all athletes will enjoy the Games, and spectators will also be excited by what they will offer. We are so lucky to be in this venue. It’s not only the weather, but also the view to the Bridge and Paliovouna is magnificent. The whole scenery is a perfect match with our sport.”

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