Nikos PAPADIMATOS: “A Legacy for Patras and Greece”

After the end of the II Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019”, Organizing Committee President Mr. Nikos PAPADIMATOS made the following statement: 

“The II Mediterranean Beach Games are now history. We have managed to overcome all difficulties and shortcomings, successfully registering the name of Patras into the most honorable list of Mediterranean Games host cities.

The Games were a success, and leave a considerable legacy to Patras and most importantly to Greece. The Mediterranean Beach Games have helped the country return to the hosting of major sport events and regain its credibility, so that we can compete to host more of those events in the future.

The end of the Games finds Patras richer by a whole pool of people, staff and volunteers, who worked for the Mediterranean Beach Games and will be able to offer their services at any time from now on. The OC will show its gratitude to all those people with an honorable mention on their contribution.

After the Closing Ceremony, the OC turns its interest to all sporting and other equipment used in the Games, so that the biggest possible part of it remains with the city. Several Patras bodies have expressed requests for various parts of these materials. We will see to it that they are fully recorded and fairly distributed.

Another attempt in process is for one of the two center courts of the “Artemis” Venue in Akti Dymaion to remain permanently with the city. We are looking for the solution which will be most financially advantageous for Patras, a solution that will also be totally legitimate and transparent. I wish this attempt is fruitful.

From its part, the OC will take care of the preservation and safety of all sporting and other materials, so that they are not exposed to the dangers of vandalism and theft.”

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