Georgia GRIVA: A Medal and a 2020 Candidacy for Patras

Canoe Ocean Racing, held at the “Hera” Venue, was one of the less widespread, but most spectacular sports of the II Mediterranean Beach Games “Patras 2019”.

As was the case with all other sports, it was an organizational success, part of which is certainly due to Competition Manager Georgia GRIVA, who worked endless hours to coordinate the various jobs that needed to be done so that the event could take place as required by international rules.

One day after the end of the Canoe Ocean Racing competition, we spoke to Ms. GRIVA, who, obviously more relaxed and with the stress of the first days off her shoulders, talked to us about her experience.

“Canoe Ocean Racing is a sport where competition takes place in a context of strong winds and waves, and experienced athletes must turn these to their advantage in order to achieve the best possible time with the least possible effort; that is, it is a sport combining technical skills and speed. The area of Patras in general, and in particular the ‘Hera’ Venue where the event was held, because of the almost-always intense weather and sea conditions, is ideal,” Ms. GRIVA says, adding: “I feel lots of joy and satisfaction about the Canoe events having gone so well, without any sort of delay in training or competition. In the beginning we were under much pressure to prepare the best possible reception for our athletes and check all details, in order to be well-organized and offer high standards of competition to all participants. With the help of my partners, I think we made it! Just the fact that delegation chiefs who have been to World Championships and to the I Mediterranean Games in Pescara send me congratulatory messages thanking me for their experience is the best possible recognition, a medal for the city of Patras that hosted the Games and for my country. Greece proves with any major sports event held here that its level of organization remains high.”

Ms. GRIVA gives an account of what has been a very successful II Mediterranean Beach Games: “When I was offered the post of Competition Manager, I didn’t know what to expect, but the experience was unique. Thanks straight from my heart to everyone that has contributed to this success,” she says, adding: “When you do something you love, all that matters is sweet memories, and we have all left Patras with such memories.”

Ginally, Ms. GRIVA had some news for us, concerning Patras’ possibility to undertake another major sports event: “I hope that this was only the beginning for Patras, and that the city goes on to host another major event. We are already discussing with the World Canoe Federation about an international Canoe Ocean Racing event taking place in exactly the same area in 2020. I hope our efforts capitalize.”

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