Aquathlon: Κevin VΙΝUELA Will Shine In Patras

Aquathlon Men’s and Women’s events will draw the curtain on the competition schedule of the II Mediterranean Beach Games on Saturday, August 31st, in the “Hera” Venue. 

The “Patras 2019” epilogue is already marked by the presence of Κevin Tarek VINUELA GONZALEZ.

Born on December 4th, 1995, the Spaniard is arguably the most important and most internationally recognized figure of all athletes participating in the Aquathlon events, as well as the stringest favorite to win the gold medal.

VINUELA came to Patras fresh from the capture of the silver medal in the World Championships held last May 2nd in Pontevedra, Spain. He finished second to Azerbaijan’s Rostyslav PENTSOV, finishing his swimming effort in a time of 29.15.

Twenty-eight athletes (17 Men – 11 Women) will participate in the two Aquathlon events, coming from ten countries: Tunisia, Albania, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Cyprus, Syria, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia.

Greece will participate with four athletes, led by Nteniz-Marina DIMAKI.

DIMAKI is the tp Greek Triathlonist, a 14-time National Champion who participated in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, and an athlete that has dedicated her whole life to sports.

In the I Mediterranean Beach Games in Pescara in 2015, DIMAKI was seventh in the Women’s Aquathlon event, while Angelos MAVROGIANNIS was tenth in the Men’s event.

Both of them will be back in Patras, together with Grigorios SOUVATZOGLOU and Afroditi GIARENI.

In the Mediterranean Beach Games, Aquathlon is held in three parts: 2.5 km running, 1 km swimming and 2.5 more km running. The sport combines the two fundamental aerobic exercises that do not need special equipment and are accessible to everyone.

Spectators will have the opportunity to attend exciting races with exceptional athletes that are bound to impress them.

The sport’s original characteristic that makes it stand out in the Mediterranean Beach Games competition schedule is that it is the only one to “hit the road”.

Given that athletes will run in the open air, even more sports fans can watch them alonside the running route, even sitting on the beach.

The Women’s event will start at 09:00 and the Men’s event at 10:30.

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