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Curtain Falls in Emotional Atmosphere
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Curtain Falls in Emotional AtmosphereCurtain Falls in Emotional AtmosphereCurtain Falls in Emotional AtmosphereCurtain Falls in Emotional Atmosphere
Saturday 31 Aug 2019
The curtain fell tonight on the II Mediterranean Beach Games, bringing about satisfaction, and together with it a feeling not too unfamiliar in this kind of circumstances. It is called melancholy. 

The Games' second edition, held in Patras and Agrinio, was concluded with the Closing Ceremony that took place this evening in the "Artemis" Venue and was not only about goodbyes, but also carried the message of the promise of a future meeting for all athletes of the Mediterranean. 

This was the end for the Journey of the Red Ball that started last Sunday, but at the same time, as great poet T.S. Eliot once wrote, "the end is where we start from." The start of a new journey to the next destination, four years from now. 

Picking up where the Opening Ceremony left off, the girl carrying the Red Ball and the other children leave Patras in search of a new harbor. 

They see the Red Ball, which is their common quest symbol, and approach it.  

They meet at the center of the court, hug each other, share the Ball and the joy of playing, while at the same time ribbons in the Games' colors move in the air, symbolizing everything this beautiful journey has offered them: Fair Play, Peace, Friendship, Togetherness.  

And when the dance is over, as are the Games themselves, they all go off running, leaving the girl and a boy behind. 

The girl gives the boy the Ball. The Games are confided to the next host city. 

What follows is a goodbye feast, with the promise of a new meeting in the 2023 Mediterranean Beach Games. 

The Closing Ceremony is a feast for all 26 nations, a goodbye party for all delegations, an event through which the Organizing Committee honors and thanks all athletes, participants and volunteers for their presence in the Games and in the city. 

The 26 delegations enter the court behind their flag bearers, who are not supposed to be formally aligned as required by the Opening Ceremony protocol.

They truly feel that they participate in a goodbye party and give each other a promise that they will meet again.

Through lots of music and dancing and the use of modern audiovisual equipment, through guest acrobats ant other artists, comes the end of the great celebration of Patras, Greece, the Mediterranean and the whole world of sports. 

"Patras 2019" Organizing Committee President Mr. Nikolaos PAPADIMATOS and International Committee of Mediterranean Games Mr. Amar ADDADI addressed the athletes, staff, volunteers and audience. 

Then ICMG Secretary General Mr. Iakovos FILIPPOUSIS received the flag of the Games in order to deliver it to the hosts of the 2023 edition, as the host city has not yet been selected.

Contributing in the Closing Ceremony, among others, were the Choir and Philharmοnic Band of the Patras Polyphonic Ensemble, as well as an honor party of the Ionian Sea Navy Command.  

Here are the other contributors of the Closing Ceremony: 

Artistic Concept and Implementation: Paris Laliotis

Costume and Set Design: Paris Laliotis

Host: Giorgos Lianos

Choreography: Garry Mardon-G2 Entertainment Group

Theatre Group: Χ Saltibagos

Video: Christos Ortentzio

Video – Animation – Music : Robin Skouteris

Fireworks Design: Pavlos Nanos

Lighting Design: Nikos Sotiropoulos

Sound Design: Dimitris Angelopoulos

Production Coordinator for the Organizing Committee: Spyros Stassinopoulos

Production Coordinator: Efthimios Katis    

Production Implementation: DIECHO









91-93 Patron Claus
Patras, P.C. 26335, Greece



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