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Friday 19 Apr 2019

The press conference of the Organizing Committee of the II Mediterranean Beach Games Patras 2019 was held yesterday in the "Aleka Siouli" Hall, in the presence of representatives of the majority of local media.

Panel participants made the following placements:

Fotios Sarantopoulos, President of the Organizing Committee.

Let me welcome you and thank you for your presence and I want to add my personal thanks to our Mayor for his interest, but I should also make a special mention for Nassos Nassopoulos, who has offered his services such in the claiming of the Games,  as in the setting up of the Master Plan, and of course he continued to help voluntarily for the preparation of the Games, he is always beside us and supports us in every difficult moment, as we want from every countryman from Patras to be next to us, because these Games are Patras Games. The International Committee of the Mediterranean Beach Games honored us with the awarding of the II Mediterranean Beach Games of 2019, with our vision for a modern Patras that radiates in Europe and the Mediterranean, we took the bet and proceeded to this organization with cheer and mood for work without hours. Our guide at every step is the master plan that we have in our hands, which of course now we adapt it to the needs of the preparation. Our support is secured by the required funding, sparingly of course, because it is the money of the Greek people, but also because we must achieve the desired quality. Our effort will show what Patras can succeed, what Patras can do, and of course everything that will be lost, it’s going to be lost for every one of us. Thank you.

Takis Petropoulos, who represents the Mayor of Patras.

I would like to welcome Mr Kalafatakis, not only as a representative of the HELPE, but also as a beloved colleague and friend, who played a historical role for those who do not know Greek basketball, because with his presence at the top level, he introduced tactics in the sport that were unprecedented for Greece, and because it was at that time on another level to apply them too, I understand the importance.

I want to welcome to our city Elias Dalainas, with whom I already have developed a friendly relationship. He is a professional who is replacing Nassos Nassopoulos, that left for his own reasons. As long as for the organization of the Games and the corresponding responsibility, I can understand if someone knows or not his subject and if someone has abilities, so i am very optimistic that Elias will do a great job and we will be able to organize remarkable Games. The second part that concerns us as a municipality is a part that I would not like to mention now because it is not the purpose of today's interview. As you know, we are dynamic in the cities claims, concerning the benefits the city will have, and I can say that on this we have a very good cooperation with the President and the Organizing Committee. With eagerness the organizing committee and all its sides’, desire what we desire, but it seems to be in this line and direction and Elias Dalainas. I wish you to have strength, you know that you will have a difficult task, we will be next to you, and as Spyros Boulis and the President have already pointed out, the cooperation with the Municipality is absolute, at the highest possible level and all the assistant needed is given, because Games without the services and structures of the Municipality cannot be made, in general.

George Kalafatakis, Who represents the Group of the Greek Petroleum HELPE, gold sponsor of the Games 

As a representative of Hellenic Petroleum, I would like to tell you that our company’s policy is to return to society a great part of its profits and revenues and to help the community in times of difficulty.

Our philosophy and policy is to support where needed, where there is a vision, close to sports and culture and vulnerable groups, close to our youth and innovation in science and scholarships, we are present. From the very first moment we are helpers of this effort, meaning from the moment when the sponsorship file of the award of the Games was made and then we responded to be next to them, at the total cost of the Games, even though plenty of time was wasted, I hope that everything is going to be all right and the Games will be as they have to be and the infrastructure works will be left to the youth and the local community. It is good for cities in the region to undertake such events, I wish the best and we will be by your side until the end of the Games.

Elias Dalainas, Chief Executive Officer PATRA 2019

Good evening, from me too.

First of all, I would like to present to you the transition from the Master Plan, which you have obviously seen in the past and studied it in the concept of operations, that is to say the purely business part. I say this because it is being said what will happen?, where will it happen?, how will it happen?, if there is or not time, I want to make it clear from the beginning that the games will be done and will be done well. There is no doubt about this that everything will be in time and in accordance with the international standards, requirements and conventions signed between the parties. A Master Plan, which you have obviously seen and studied, gets flesh and bones, but to do this, it has to be within the limits of reality and realism, and based on what exactly can happen in this city and be identified with a Budget that is approved and should be adhered to. That is why the points of the games are definitely 3. They are neither 4 nor 5 as they have been presented from time to time.

So I am referring to the three Clusters that the Games will take place. One of them is right next to us, the swimming pool of PEPANOS, which will be a small facility and will only host the Fin swimming sport (part of the sport) and the 2 big front facilities are what you all know as the old camping and the installation of the Open-swimming pool at NOP. Head system (large) will be the cluster of NOP. There will be conducted all the sand sports, the so-called BEACH, Beach Handball, Beach Soccer, Beach Volleyball, Beach Wrestling, Beach Tennis. There will also be conducted the sport of Water Skiing. On the third cluster that is the former Camping, known as PLAZ, all the water sports will be held.  None of the sand sports will be conducted there, only the water sports, such as Open Water Swimming, Fin Swimming, Canoe Ocean Racing and Rowing Beach Sprint.

At the end of this press conference I will be available to answer technical questions you may have and tell you that after an open competition by the committee on the mascot with a prize, although I do not think the goal was the prize, we have pointed out the Mascot of the II Mediterranean Beach Games of Patras 2019, which will be presented to you in a future time. A presentation of the 3 selected projects will be made and you will get to know the mascot creator, her artistic reasoning and everything else. The Games are in three and a half months, next week we have Easter, you realize that the time limits have narrowed a lot, the engines are of course on, we are in an Organizing Committee whose human resources are rising day by day, we are at the moment over than 30 people, a number that soon will be doubled and the good thing is that we are definitely some 5-6 people who have the know-how experience, that this is our job to follow the sport competitions and be part of their administration, we expertise.    

 The good thing is that Patras' human resources is extremely worthy, the group of people that is part of the Organizing Committee consists of excellent collaborators and professionals and of course there will also be a human potential with specialization and expertise in Patras that will be able to cope with any event in the future.

You have been given a folder that has all the information about the event. So the event takes place in 3 Clusters and 2 training venues, and lasts from August 25th to 31st, the closing ceremony will probably be on September 1st, and because I don’t want to expatiate i would like to accept any questions you may have and proceed to the presentation of the mascot.

The creator of Mascot is named Kanella Stasinopoulou, 33 years old, she is a visual artist from Patras and has graduated from the School of Fine Arts and teaches art at Arsakeio School in Patras.

She is involved with painting and ceramics, but you will learn more about her in the special event that will take place on the mascot and the ways of choosing it.

Therefore, the official mascot of the Games is Patreas, of course there will be some modifications to the plan to make it from a visual plan to commercial, because the mascot as you know has commerciality, so on the day of the presentation you will see also the final version - mascot caretaker by Mrs. Stasinopoulou.

Finally, the President and the General Manager thanked for the absolute support and contribution to the organization of the Games:
















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