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Clarifications of the Organising Committee
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Sunday 31 Mar 2019


Clarifications of the Organising Committee

The Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Beach Games Patras 2019, feels the need to clarify its role and mission.

The Organizing Committee is not political party or institution, but through the Executive Committee and the Project Team, it is the organization that has undertaken the completion of the preparation and organization of the Games.

Α basic parameter throughout this course and the successful outcome of the whole venture, always according to the instructions of ICMG as well as the experience of other major sports events, is the provision on any issue that arises or alternative solutions (plan a, plan b, plan c, etc.).

The fixed claims of our city, such as the sports center in the old swimming pool of Agyia, find us compliant as citizens of Patras, but it is not our objective.

The international experience in similar cases of such events shows that the basic requirements for success is the unity of all the forces of each city.

We were pleased and glad to hear about the interest of political personalities and municipalities in offering voluntary service to the Games. Volunteering is a key issue and the volunteers are the soul of the organization.

Everyone that wishes to be a volunteer, can express his interest by filling out the special form on our official website https://www.mbgpatras2019.gr/?section=2072&language=el_GR

Every day on our official website https://www.mbgpatras2019.gr/ and in particular, in the "job opportunities" and "tenders" sections, there are publications for staff recruitment and service provision. Everyone that is interested, can visit our website, given the fact that there are specific time limits and restrictions on applications and resumes.

The President, the Organizing Committee and the Project Team, work constantly without hours and public holidays, with complete awareness of the responsibility they have taken on, towards the city and our country in general, so that the basic slogan of our promotion, becomes true: "GREECE IS BACK IN THE GAME", "PATRA IS BACK IN THE GAME".



Volunteers will be the soul of this Event, as in every Event. Volunteering in Greece is rooted in the social conscience and has been for centuries. The basic principles that characterize Greek society are reflected in the Volunteer Movement and this is where they are expressed strongly.





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