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Beach Wrestling: Dominant Greeks win 9 medals
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Saturday 31 Aug 2019

Greece wrapped up their triumph in Beach Wrestling, the last sport of the II Mediterranean Beach Games.

The Greek team dominated emphatically and celebrated a total of nine medals, 2 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze.

Women's gold in the +70kg category was won by world champion Katerina- Eirini PITSIAVA, who beat Italy's Matilde CALDARELLI 3-1 in her last bout.

Enrica RINALDI (ITA) won the silver, defeating Parthena Lena LYKOPOULOU 2-0.

In the men's 80kg, there was a Greek "civil" bout that was decided by the athletes’ weight after are a 0-0 draw. Kyrillos BPINENMPAUM was lighter than his opponent Giorgos KOYLOUCHIDIS and won the gold medal.  

Syrian wrestler Mhd Feda Aldin ALASTA won the bronze comfortably beating 3-0 Cypiot Stelios MAMA in a matter of 20 seconds.

In the men's 70kg the Frenchman Quentin STICKER won 4-0 in the final against Fotis PAPADAKIS, while the bronze was won by Nikos AROUZMANIDIS who defeated Portugal’s Hugo Miguel DA SILVA PASSOS (POR) 3-0.

In the men's 90+, Paris KAREPI gave Albania their only - and indeed gold - medal in the Games with a 2-0 win over Omar SAREM from Syria, who broke into tears with his opponent trying to comfort him. .

The bronze medal was won by Uglielmo CECCA (ITA), who beat Quentin MILLIERE (FRA) 3-1

In the women's 70kg, gold was decided ten seconds before the end between Greek Zoi HATSATOUROVA and Sara DA COL (ITA), who took the last point (2-2) and won the medal.

Agoro PAPAVASILIOU won the bronze medal after winning gold in Pescara. In an exciting bout, the Greek athlete beat France's LE COUR GRANDMAISON 3-2.

Finally, in the men's 90kg, Spain's Pedro Jacinto GARCIA PEREZ won 1-0 against Greek Grigoris KRIARIDIS, while for the bronze medal, Italian Carmelo LIUMIA beat Frenchman Saifedine ALEKMA 3-1.












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