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The sand (Olympic specifications) for the coating of the playing fields for the Sports of Beach Handball, Beach Volleyball, Beach Tennis, Beach Wrestling and Beach Soccer, at the Mediterranean Beach Games Patras 2019, is not a simple sand such as the one we find on the beaches.
Below are presented its technical characteristics, what applies in relevant to its chemical analysis, boxing, coating and protection.

Technical specifications

  • The sand should have Natural characteristics.
  • Its particles should be sub angular/rounded.

It should:
  • Be Consisted of natural rocks;
  • Not acquired from a crushed rock source;
  • Be consisted of loosely compressed particles.
  • It must be free of stones, shells, or other dangerous particles that can cause an injury;
  • Be washed: The sand should be double washed and be free of silt and clay in order to prevent compaction;
  • Color: Tan colored sand absorbs less heat with minimal glare;
  • Not be too fine otherwise it will cause dust;
  • Not stick to the skin;

Particle size: The size of the sand particles, should be based on the following table to allow a proper drainage and maximum safety.
Particle shape: the shape of the particle should be sub angular with the ability to resist compaction and assist the drainage.
Source: Granite based sand and quartz (non-calcareous - no calcium or limestone) so as to remain stable under all weather conditions and not to be affected by acid rain.


Grain diameter

Characteristics (% retention on filters)

Fine gravel
2,0 mm
Very coarse sand
1,0mm – 2,0mm
0% - 6%
Coarse sand
0,5mm – 1,0mm
Minimum 80% - Maximum 92 %
Medium sand
0,25mm – 0,5mm
Minimum 80% - Maximum 92%
Fine sand
0,15mm – 0,25mm
7% - 18%
Very fine sand
0,05mm – 0,15mm
Not more than 2,0%
Silt and clay
below 0,05mm
Not more than 0,15%

CHEMICAL ANALYSIS: It should be accompanied by a certificate of granulometric analysis of its composition and quality, by a chemical laboratory where it should be proven that the sand meets the above-mentioned specifications.
BOXING: The sand is being boxed so that the playing fields will be created
COATING: The sand is coated on a polyester / polypropylene cloth.
PROTECTION: In order to protect the outer surface of the sand, it is covered with polyester / polypropylene fabric.









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