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The city of Patras

Patras – Capital of the region of Western Greece

Patras is the capital city of western Greece and the third largest city in Greece. Thecity with its port is the gateway to the rest of Europe from Greece and a hub of the transport network of Europe, since it connects the European transport networks with the main road network of Greece.

Patras is the administrative centre of the Region of Western Greece and the economic, cultural, educational, trade and population centre of this region.

Patras in one of the most historically important places of Greece and it is located at the centre of a virtual triangle that is shaped by the 3 most significant archaeological sites in the country: Ancient Olympia, Delphi and Epidaurus (Patras is less than 2 hours from all of these sites).

The plethora of archaeological sites and historical monuments, most of which date back to the Mycenaean period, are proof of the outstanding role of Patras in the development of the ancient Greek civilisation.

The city is situated 218 km west of Athens and has a population of 213,984 citizens according to the census of 2011.

Educational Centre

More than 40,000 students reside in Patras giving it great vibrancy.

Patras is one of the most important centres for education and research in Greece. The University of Patras is the third largest educational institution in the country in terms of the number of departments, professors, students and administrativestaff.

The University of Patras has research centres and institutes which produce internationally acknowledge scientific work.

In Patras there is also the rapidly developing Technological Educational Institute which specialises in medical studies, business administration and applied technology professions. In Patras there is also the Hellenic Open University (HOU) the HOU is the only one that provides distance learning.

The Environment above all

Atmospheric pollution is unheard of in Patras, where the atmosphere is clear and the environment is fully protected. The city preserves its natural beauty and green spaces dominate. The local authorities have taken action for the protection of the environment at all levels. The beaches of Patras are some of the cleanest in Greece and have been awarded “Blue Flags”.

Ideal Weather Conditions

The weather conditions are typical of the Mediterranean with sunny summers and mild winters.

Famous Hospitality

Gastronomy and accommodation in the city are of high standards. Patras has a lot of 4 and 3 star hotels along with many traditional tavernas and restaurants which serve genuine Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.


Patras has a comprehensive network of health services, the Regional University Hospital is one of the most technologically advanced hospitals in the Eastern Mediterranean and specialises in all fields of Medicine, the Doctors and Nurses are highly trained medical professionals. Furthermore, Patras has another 3 public hospitals, diagnostic centres, first aid centres and private clinics and doctors who make up a comprehensive network of health services offering high quality healthcare.

An absolutely Safe City

Patras is an absolutely safe city with a low crime rate. The Police Force has 1,000 officers that utilize 75 police cars and motorbikes upholding the law and preserving order in the whole region.

The Port Police has 250 officers equipped with modern boats, vehicles and helicopters and incorporates a special forces unit.

The Fire Brigade has 450 firefighters and is equipped with 40 vehicles comprising firefighting tanker planes and helicopters.

Transport node – High accessibility

Due to its geographical location Patras is a basic hub of transportation. It is recognised as the gateway from Greece to the West because of its port that connects it to the rest of Europe. It is located:

  • At the end of the arterial road which starts at the Greek borders and goes through both Salonika and Athens on its way to Patras.
  • Patras also sits in the middle of the western motorway (Via Ionia). Those two axes connect to one of the national , regional and local features , world’s longest multi-span cable-stayed bridges (3 km long).

The Rio-Antirrio Bridge is a landmark for the city and the region. 30 km away from the airport of Araxos that services chartered flights while the main airport that services the city is the “Eleftherios Venizelos” airport in Athens at a distance of 218 km (the duration of the trip is 2 hours by means of the modern motorway “Olympia Odos (Road)” whose construction was completed in June 2017.

High level Technology

Patras has a high standard of technology related to managing communication and its systems. It also has a global known University which handles complex matters of digital technology.

Services to Visitor

Patras has a comprehensive range of services for the convenience of its residents and the visitors. The Local Authorities have strived to create a network which provides all the necessary information regarding transport and the pleasant stay for the visitors.

There are branches of all banks, offices of Central and Local Authorities that meet all the needs of the citizens. There are also two Citizens Advice centres.


Volunteers will be the soul of this Event, as in every Event. Volunteering in Greece is rooted in the social conscience and has been for centuries. The basic principles that characterize Greek society are reflected in the Volunteer Movement and this is where they are expressed strongly.




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