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Friday 03 May 2019


The two-day visit- inspection of the Coordinating Committee of ICMG (Cocom) - was completed on Friday.

At constant meetings, all the planning schedule of the Organizing Committee was examined and analyzed by sector.

The Coordinating Committee was pleased with the briefing, congratulated the Organizing Committee on the progress of the preparations, focused and encouraged to accelerate the necessary actions to complete procurement tenders, signing contracts with hotels and completing the needs of stay. Other themes that were discussed were the matter of updating the campaign for volunteering, completing the planning of the medical sector (Anti-Doping, cooperation and contracts with operators, medical and pharmaceutical tenders etc.), and the extra recruitment with partners to meet the immediate needs according the organization chart.

The next visit of the Coordination Committee of ICMG will take place on the 4th of June.

The Organizing Committee of the Mediterranean Beach Games, Patras 2019, thanked all the members of the CoCom for their cooperation, assistance and highlights and committed to solve all the pending issues and to continue all the necessary efforts to prepare and conduct high-level Beach Games.


Volunteers will be the soul of this Event, as in every Event. Volunteering in Greece is rooted in the social conscience and has been for centuries. The basic principles that characterize Greek society are reflected in the Volunteer Movement and this is where they are expressed strongly.





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