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Beach Handball:  Greece and Portugal bid for gold
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
The semi-finals of the Women's Beach Handball Tournament in the II Mediterranean Coast Games have come to a close and the pair of tomorrow's final will be Greece and Portugal. The two teams will compete for the gold medal on Wednesday, August 28th at...
Οpen Water Swimming: Dolphins ready for action
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
One of the most exciting sports of the Mediterranean Beach Games program, which is part of the Olympic Games program and is still very popular in Greece, will have its honor tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, August 29th and 30th, in the sea...
Rowing Beach Sprint: France dominates, Greece Sends Message
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
France was the dominant force in the Rowing Beach Sprint events, which came to a close today at the "Hera" Venue, with Greece coming up second.  Strong winds blowing during all Finals, combined with powerful water currents, created a special scenery, really hard for competitors...
Rowing Beach Sprint: Brothers in Oars
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
They are all children of the Greek provinces, who were led by good fortune to Thessaloniki, where they met and became a team, with everything the word involves. And it was written in the stars that they should win the gold medal in...
Christos ROUGALAS: Security Manager in 2004, Volunteer in 2019
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
In 2004, as a high-ranked Police officer, he was the Security Manager of the Football Tournament games held in the Pampeloponnisiako National Stadium in Patras. Fifteen years later, Mr. Christos ROUGALAS offers his services as a volunteer in the II Mediterranean Beach Games "Patra 2019".  "I'm very...
Xenios Zeus Welcomes Our Guests
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
A warm welcome, according to the tradition of Xenios Zeus, the god of hospitality in Ancient Greek mythology, was reserved for foreign delegation chiefs by the II Mediterranean Games Organizing Committee.  The official welcome event was held in the Patras Archaeological Museum on Saturday August...
Amar ADDADI: "I am very satisfied"
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
International Committee of Mediterranean Games President Amar ADDADI expressed his satisfaction about the start on the way the II Mediterranean Beach Games "Patras 2019" started and are progressing, through his comments to the Games' official webpage.   "My impression from the very first day was full...
Βeach Volleyball: Summer Kings In Action
Tuesday 27 Aug 2019
Beach Voleyball is considered, and truly is, the "Summer King". It was the first sand sport to be included in the Olympic Games competition schedule in 1996, in Atlanta.  The II Mediterranean Games Men's and Women's Beach Volleyball tournaments will start on Wednesday, August...
Canoe Ocean Racing: Nicolas LAMBERT riding the waves
Monday 26 Aug 2019
Starting from Wednesday, 28 of August, a total of 26 athletes (13 men and 13 women) from 6 different countries will be competing in the Canoe Ocean Racing event, one of the most challenging and exciting sports on the program. Canoe Ocean Racing combines...
Finswimming:  The Greek flagship sails
Monday 26 Aug 2019
With Greece rocking the boat and surpassing its medals tally at the Pescara Games from the very first day, the Finswimming event opened today at “Antonis Pepanos” Aquatic Center. Four years ago the Greek team had won six medals (two gold, two silver, two bronze),...
Water Skiing: Skis tear along the water, adrenaline hits red
Saturday 24 Aug 2019
Patra and Agrinio are getting ready to welcome the stars of Water Skiing in the II Mediterranean Beach Games "Patra 2019".  All three Water Skiing events, i.e. Slalom, Tricks and Wakeboard, will be present in the Games between August 29th and 31st, in the "Hera" Venue...
Curtain Down in Emotional Atmoshpere
Wednesday 31 Jul 2019
The curtain fell tonight on the II Mediterranean Beach Games, bringing about satisfaction, and together with it a feeling not too unfamiliar in this kind of circumstances. It is called melancholy.  The Games' second edition, held in Patras and Agrinio, was concluded with the Closing Ceremony...
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