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Georgios BOGRIS: Our city, Promitheas, and Yiannis
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Georgios BOGRIS: Our city, Promitheas, and YiannisGeorgios BOGRIS: Our city, Promitheas, and Yiannis
Saturday 31 Aug 2019

Greek international Basketball player Georgios BOGRIS was a very special guest yesterday evening at the "Artemis" Venue. The player, who recently moved from Olympiacos to Patras club Promitheas, attended the Women's Beach Volleyball tournament Final between France I (Αline CHAMEREAU, Alexandra JUPITER) and Cyprus I (Mariota ANGELOPOULOU, Manolina KONSTANTINOU). 

"The team returned to Patra after the basic preparation stage, so I came to watch the Games. I have always been attracted to such events, and I am happy I had the chance to attend such a great match," BOGRIS said."

The 30-year-old center was impressed by the atmosphere.  

"Yes, it was beautiful indeed. I believe that these Games are a very important sports event, not only as far as the audience is concerned, but also from a competitive point of view," he commented. 

"For example, Beach Volleyball tournament results give points to teams competing for qualification to the Tokyo Olympic Games. In general, such multi-sport events attract international interest and promote our city all over the world." 

"Bogrinho", who hails from the Viotia region north of Athens, does not use the term "our city" just for courteousness reasons: "I will be living in Patras for the next three years, so I have to start adjusting to my new situation." 

Are there similarities between Basketball and Beach Volleyball; "Psychology plays a big part in all sports, as also does prepartion in order to yield a successful performance in big events such as the Patras Mediterranean Beach Games. The most important similarity between the two sports is that you have to be concentrated, because in such events you can't afford to relax at all. Just a bad moment can throw you off your goals and targets. If you can stay concentrated every single second, you can aim high. We saw just that in the Women's Beach Volleyball tournament, where teams like France and Cyprus who were not strong favorites in paper went all the way."

After Beach Volleyball in Patras, time to Basketball in China, where the curtain is raised today (Saturday, August 31st) on the FIBA World Championship in China. BOGRIS, a player who has competed with the Greek national team in all age categories, comments:

"The Greek team is blessed to have Yiannis ANTETOKOUNMPO, who is arguably the best player in the world at this moment. I believe he is going to top all scorers in the World Championship, but most importantly can provide cover for everyone in defense. 

Besides Yiannis, we have pleyers with great abilities and huge Euroleague experience , who I believe will help Yiannis show his quality on the court.

We have to be concentrated in the knock-out games, as all teams making it there will be top-level ones." 

As far as his new club Promitheas is concerned, BOGRIS says: "The club made some serious transfer moves in order to make a step up compared to last season. We have formed a team with specific roles for everyone, which can offer various kinds of basketball on the court. The team is ambitious, but I like that as I am also ambitious myself.

Promitheas can be a club all Greeks would identify with, not just the people of Patras, a city that can all the same offer athletes quality of life. If we manage to make a good run in the Eurocup, I believe all Greeks will be on our side."










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