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A place of Culture

In Patras the cultural life and creativeness are visible everywhere.

The Carnival of Patras is famous all over Europe. It is a celebration that lasts approximately two months during winter and more than 50,000 citizens, mainly the younger generation participate. It’s a celebration of cultural creativity, enjoyment and volunteering that is based on individual contribution and participation.

The international Festival of Patras with many global celebrities (including Bob Dylan to Joan Baez) as well as the Ancient Drama Festival that bring the most celebrated performances from Epidaurus and Odeon of Herodes Atticus to Patras, attract an audience of thousands everysummer.

Patras is a “City of Theatre” with a drama school, municipal and regional theatre, more than 10 theatrical venues and dozens of amateur drama groups.

The Dance Troupe of the Municipality of Patras with 1400 adults and more than 700 children is one of the most acknowledged dance troupes in Greece.

The Cinema Club one of the oldest and most active in the country apart from the showings it organises, it annually broadcasts the Metropolitan Opera of New York. In addition, dozens of music groups continually enliven Patras with all varieties of concerts, foremost amongst these being the chamber orchestra “The Orchestra of Patras” and the “String Orchestra”.

In the Municipal Art Gallery as well as the private galleries around the city, local and international works of art are exhibited, while the “ReCulture” International Art Festival, focuses on contemporary creations with plenty of events every year.

The cultural heart of Patras beats in the New Archaeological Museum an amazing museum with fabulous futuristic aesthetics, one of the most modern in Greece which houses fascinating permanent exhibits and hosts diverse short-term events regularly.

During the full moon of August it remains open after midnight for concerts and other events with free admission.

Patras – European Capital of Culture –2006

Patras was delegated as the “European Capital of Culture” for 2006. The main idea of the “European Capital of Culture – 2006” was the development of stronger bonds among the European citizens, through the cultural exchange and highlighting of the special features of each nation.

During that year great events were organized such as, the “Leonardo Da Vinci; scientist, inventor, artist” exhibition, the theatrical performance of Dante’s ”Divine Comedy” by the Oscar award winning Roberto Benigni, the literature event where Nobel winning writer José Saramago was present, the Eros Ramazzotti concert and much more. In 2006 Patras used one common language: The Language of Culture.


Volunteers will be the soul of this Event, as in every Event. Volunteering in Greece is rooted in the social conscience and has been for centuries. The basic principles that characterize Greek society are reflected in the Volunteer Movement and this is where they are expressed strongly.




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