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Leading position in Greek history


Patras holds a leading position in the development of the ancient Greek civilisation. From the clues discovered so far it is obvious that Patras was inhabited for the first time in 3000 BC. Patras began to flourish during the Post-Hellenistic or Mycenaean period (1580 – 1100 BC).

The city was founded by the Archaens of Sparta who were led by Prevgenis and his son Patreas and arrived in the city following the Dorian invasion of the Peloponnese.

Patras had a period of prosperity again in the mid-9th century BC due to the production and processing of silk.

History in Achaia is imprinted on the beautiful monuments of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and contemporary civilization, many of which have been preserved to this day.


Volunteers will be the soul of this Event, as in every Event. Volunteering in Greece is rooted in the social conscience and has been for centuries. The basic principles that characterize Greek society are reflected in the Volunteer Movement and this is where they are expressed strongly.




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